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Meet the {OTHER} Ashley

Jul 18, 2013

Hey there!


So glad you’ve come today ’cause we cannot wait to introduce you to the newest member of our ministry team.
We already feel like we’ve known her forever because she is delightful!
Thank you for helping us welcome her!

Jerry & Priscilla


Hi! It’s Ashley … the other one!

Whew! I JUST moved here two weeks ago, and I’m still not sure what to do with myself!

I’m originally from Northern Virginia, and even though I’ll proudly wear my burgundy and gold come football season, I PROMISE you I’m going root for the Cowboys, hard … even if they are in the same conference.
In the short time that I’ve been here I’ve bought a couch, joined a gym, locked myself out of my bathroom, and accidentally bought seventeen dollars worth of apples. Yes, my friend … seventeen. And, I’m sure there are more little adventures to come!


Anyhow, you must be wondering what I’m doing here, and I’ll be honest … sometimes I still wonder the same thing!
I’d been on staff at my home church in Virginia for a while, but I began to feel like God was calling me to move to Dallas. I didn’t take it lightly (believe me: I PRAYED), but add a divine connection and a few short months, and well … here we are!
It’s a bit scary to have moved to a city I know {almost} nothing about, but it also feels GOOD and I’m so excited to build with Priscilla, Jerry, Ashley, and the rest of the Going Beyond team.


I’m truly going to miss my family and friends (SO GLAD for email, my phone and social media), but I am WILDLY excited about this new season of life, and excited to grow my faith and let God use my gifts the way He’s planned. I think I can count the folks I know here on a hand and a half, so this will be quite an adventure for me! I can’t wait to share it with you. 🙂




Getting to know me:

I drink A LOT of coffee (I prefer americanos and soy mistos but any and all will do … except decaf!)
I enjoy working out (I taught spin classes in graduate school to make extra money)
This is NOT my natural hair color, though I’ve enjoyed many shades of blonde!  
I’m a chronic gum chewer, and my absolute FAVORITE candy is popcorn flavored jelly beans
I LOVE sneakers, wedges and stilettos!

Until next time!