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Miss Beth on Motherhood

Jan 18, 2010


I’m grateful to the Lord for surrounding me with sweet friendships. It’s wonderful to be able to walk through seasons of life with other women who are treading down the same path.

And yet, I’ve been doubly blessed by relationships with women who are a bit further down the road and are more seasoned than myself. I’ve been steered right, challenged and even gently rebuked by these precious women who’ve been married longer, have an empty nest or have been in the throws of a growing ministry for far more years than I. I bask in their wisdom every chance I get.

So I thought it was a good day to share a bit of the advice and encouragement on motherhood I’ve been getting from my friend, Miss Beth Moore. I’ve met both her girls, Melissa and Amanda, and they both turned out alright, so Miss Beth must know what she’s talking about. Anyone who has raised godly, well adjusted adults has got my ear!

So, good thing for us, she’s never short on wisdom and she’s always willing to share it!



Miss Beth on Motherhood from Going Beyond.