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Oh, If You Only Knew!

Nicole | Oct 06, 2016


So, I have a few tendencies that make me, well, me! You know those special quirks you have that make you unique? For instance, I have to smell my food before I eat it. It’s just part of the experience for me. I like to engage . . . all of my senses!! 🙂 Yeah, that’s it! Don’t laugh!

I figured I could’t be the only one though. So, I sent a text to a few of my friends asking what were some of the quirky or distinct things that they do. Boy, did I get a list!! I have to say, I love my friends even more!

  • I have to take off my glasses in order to eat.
  • If I’m wearing bulky jewelry I take them off before I eat.
  • When I’m reading, I MUST finish a chapter before I place my bookmark.
  • I use an app that tracks my route when I run. Every time I run, my route has to make a shape on the map.
  • I have to shave my legs every night.
  • I have to wash my feet before going to bed . . . even if I don’t get a chance to shower.
  • When I get home, I have to shower before I eat. It doesn’t matter how hungry I am.
  • My covers have to be straight before I climb in to bed. So even if I haven’t made my bed that day, I have to make it before I get in.
  • I have to brush my teeth with hot water only.
  • I don’t like to eat with a plastic spoon.
  • I don’t like my food to touch so, if I can, I eat on plates that have sections.
  • I have to vacuum and clean my place before I leave for a trip so that I come back to a fresh home.
  • I clinch my teeth and squint when I touch stickers of any kind – they gross me out!
  • I hold my breath randomly throughout the day – almost like I’m giving myself a break from breathing.
  • No matter what time I eat my first meal for the day, I always start with breakfast first . . . even if it’s 2pm.
  • I wear my jeans at least two (sometimes 3!) times before I wash them. They get better with age!
  • I like to get dressed in the same order every day. Every. Day.
  • I don’t take my shoes off until it’s time for me to get in to bed and go to sleep.
  • If I hear music with a good beat, I must dance regardless of the environment I’m in.

What are some things that make YOU unique? We’d love to hear! You’re in a judge-free zone!