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Peacock Food

Rachel Anne | Feb 16, 2010

Priscilla has a lot of really wonderful, thoughtful friends. Have you ever noticed how nice people have nice friends? Well, this is the case with her. But not many of her friends shop at A1 Feed Store for birthday presents for her. Actually, there is only one friend that I can think of who would have the gall to purchase an exquisite gift of distinction from among the stacks of hog feed, hoof cleaners and bag balm. (That’s “bag,” as in “bag of udders.”)

Yep, that would be me. 

Before you judge, let me explain: you see, Priscilla and I are on the lookout for peacocks. I talked about it several weeks ago, and told you that we wanted to be ready to feed them when they show up.  So, naturally, I found a 50 pound bag of cracked corn at my local feed store, stuck a bow on it and gave it to her for her birthday. She couldn’t have looked happier, hoisting it into her trunk that day. I know it was what she always wanted. I haven’t had the nerve to ask how Jerry feels about it.

But we talked about how expecting to see those peacocks is a lot like expecting to see God’s presence in our lives.

This year, one of our themes at Going Beyond is “expectancy.”  Just like we’ve come to expect those peacocks to show up and awe us with their beauty, we want to expect God to show up in our lives and awe us with His power.  We’ve discovered that, just like we can miss seeing those peacocks right under our noses, we can miss God when we busily go through our days without stopping to look for Him.

But He is there.  He is waiting. He is willing to show us his grandeur and power and brilliance. I’ve been thinking about the Going Beyond conference this weekend in Ft. Worth.  And the next one (Feb. 26/27) in Vienna, Virginia. About how making the time to go to events like these is like buying peacock food in preparation for those birds to show up. When you clear a spot on your calendar, make your reservation, arrange childcare and meals, write notes about who needs to go where and when, pack your Bible and notebook, and get in the car to go, you are putting yourself in a position to see and hear God. You’ve “bought the 50 pound bag,” so to speak, and you are READY!

I’ve heard that the Ft. Worth conference this weekend is sold out and there is a waiting list. There are only 200 tickets left for Vienna, VA.  I wish every single person who wants to go could squeeze in somehow. It’s not that God won’t show up in your life if you don’t attend, oh no! He can and He will. But there is something about being in a place with hundreds of expectant hearts that makes the atmosphere electric . . . ripe for a move of God on those women who are seeking Him there. Sisters, we are going to see His grandeur and power and brilliance, I just know it.

Will we see you at the next Going Beyond conferences? If so, come with an expectant heart. 50 pound bag of cracked corn is optional.

See you there,
Rachel Anne