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Pillow Talk.

Jul 25, 2013

I’ve been on a pillow buying binge.

I’ve been in my apartment for a few weeks now, but I’m still trying to settle in. There are boxes and bags all over the place! I left most of what I own back on the east coast, so little by little I’ve been on a quest to fill my tiny space, and hoping to make it a little more like home (you may remember me mentioning last week that I bought a couch).


I’d outfitted my bedroom with well, … a bed, and a small nightstand, but the ‘big room’ as I like to call it, was completely empty, and I got this crazy idea in my head that pillows would do it.
So, I went out last weekend, explored one of the trendy neighborhoods I’d been dying to see, and popped into a couple of my favorite “home” stores , searching for inspiration … and a clearance sale.




I came home with a decent sized stash of knick knacks, and a stack of pillows, and promptly piled them on my small sofa.




Overload, much? Or maybe I’ve just subscribed to that idea that everything is just bigger in Texas.
Well, the other morning I found myself roving over yet another site advertising a pillow sale and it hit me: This COULD be a problem.


I’m done shopping for now, and I’m pretty sure at least a couple of these need to go back to the store.
The good thing is, I’ve remembered that ‘home’ is really where our Father’s heart is, and that has given me incredible peace over the last couple of days!


But I’m curious to know: how do you settle in to a new season?! 


P.S. I’m STILL trying to decide which of these I should keep! What do you think?