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Plants or People…Revisited

Jun 17, 2010

pI went to a funeral yesterday. /p
pThe church was crowded with people who came to celebrate the life of a wonderful woman.. . .and it was indeed a celebration. Her name was Gloria, and I’ve known her since I was five years old. In recent years, our paths hadn’t crossed as much. Her family had long since moved on to another church so we weren’t as involved in each other’s lives. But our hearts were always knitted. She was a sweet and wonderful woman who had a gregarious personality and a smile that had enough voltage to light a small village./p
pI would have never thought, when I ran into her at Chick-fil-A last month (which was the first time I’d seen her in a few years), that it would be our last conversation. I was on my cell phone when we caught each others eye across the restaurant. We waved frantically and enthusiastically. I held up one finger, indicating that I’d only be a couple more minutes./p
pI was on my phone talking with a store about drapes. /p
pYou heard me. . . drapes for my living room./p
pThe call dragged on and on: color, length, texture, hanging rod. There were so many decisions to be made so that the order could finally be placed. I’d been waiting on this phone call all day, and now with the vendor finally on the phone, I wanted to get all the details taken care of.brbrI was so engrossed in my phone call on drapery, that a half hour went by without me even realizing it. I’d had enough. Ms. Gloria, whom I hadn’t seen for years was there and I needed to chat with her before she left. Business unfinished, I told the vendor I’d have to call him back later./p
pHow glad I am that I did. For little did I know that I’d be at Ms. Gloria’s funeral one measly month later.brbrI could’ve kicked myself as I peered down into her satin laced casket yesterday morning. Those moments of intense conversation over drapes could have been spent with her. I’m glad for the moments I’d gotten, but would give anything to get a few more.brbrIs there anybody you need to make time to connect with today? Drapes….or Deep relationship? a href=”http://www.goingbeyond.com/jewelry-box/plants-people-and-priorities” target=”_blank”Plants….or People?/a /p
pTake your opportunity. You’ll be glad you did./p