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The Resolution for Men Winners

Sep 01, 2011

I have decided that we have the best blog community that there is around. And I mean it. We have so enjoyed these past 7 weeks talking about The Resolution for Women, and we have such great expectations for what God has for us as we begin diving into this book together.

We’ve got friends from Australia, London and all the way down to Mississippi. When I think about what will come of our time together in this book, I get this beautiful picture of cities being changed all around the world by our simple decisions to be women of “Resolve”. And even though we may think it only effects our little spheres of influence, I believe that God has much bigger plans in store as we give our very best to what is laid before us. 

Please know that it is not too late to join us if you are just now finding us. All you need to do it let us know you are here by commenting on Monday’s post , purchasing your book and waiting for us to begin on September 16. You don’t need to read a thing before then. Just come here and show up, and Priscilla will tell you where to go from there. 

I know you really came here to find out if you were a winner. Here are those who will be receiving a signed copy of The Resolution For Men:


Vicki Reeder

Gayla Mazzuca


Ruth McGuire

Jessica McAlister



Katie B

Kendra H

Beth Pearce Lang

Congratulations! Send us an email to info@goingbeyond.com with your address and we will send the book to you shortly!

Until next time . . . .