Aug 14, 2011

Hello there.

Thank for popping over to our humble abode and hanging out for a
little while.

I sat down at my computer, eager to check our Resolution Project from
this past Friday,
read the comments and select some random winners to receive the leather-bound,
special-edition copies of “Love Dare” and, frankly, I was surprised to find that there were only 24
comments from “Resolved” women.

I was curious about that – startled a bit since every Friday since
we’ve start the RR Project there have been no less than 100 comments in
connection with the resolution for that week.

So, I looked at the resolution we focused on this week and took time
to think about what the problem might be. .  .

Resolution #10: I will be faithful to my husband and honor him
in my conduct and conversation, in order to bring glory to the name of the
Lord. I will aspire to be a suitable partner for him to help him reach his
God-given potential.

I’ve decided that there are one of two things that have kept you from
posting this weekend:

1. If you
are a wife, maybe you feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of being faithful
to your husband in your conduct and in your conversation. I ask you to
experiment with your relationship by not challenging/questioning your husband
for a full 24 hour period. Maybe, like my friend who texted me after watching
Friday’s video challenge, you feel like this is not something you even have the
patience to attempt right now. So, you’ve opted out for this week, eager to
join us for another “challenge” this Friday that doesn’t actually require . . .
.an actual challenge 🙂

OR. . .

2. You would
like to do the experiment proposed by resolution #10 but with your busy weekend
schedule there was no way you could fit that in before our normal posting
deadline of Sunday evening at 5pm.

I’ve decided to assume that your reason for not posting is the latter
– that you really want to participate but there was no way you could before the
weekend was over. So, my dear woman of great resolve, we’ve extended our
deadline until Thursday evening at 5pm. So, you have the next four days
(counting today) to take the challenge I proposed to you this past Friday and
come back HERE to record your thoughts on the effect (if any) you noticed that
it had on your relationship with your man.

I know you’ve got something to share about this – even if it just, “Priscilla,
this is a ridiculous assignment that I just don’t feel like taking on right
now. So, stop baggering me and everyone else about it and MOVE ON TO ANOTHER

I believe that you can do it sister. Take the challenge – maybe even
in 5-6 hour increments at a time over the next four days and just see how the
Lord might multiply your resolve in a way that bears amazing fruit.

Single women, don’t forget that we are eager to hear your thoughts as well. Tell
us what you’ve overheard married women saying or tones they used when talking
about their husbands that caused you to question their love, loyalty and
confidence in him. Your sentiments will not only be challenging to wives but
extremely instructive to other singles as you prepare for marriage.

Can’t wait to engage with you on this topic. Will look forward to
reading your comments throughout the rest of the week.


. . .scroll down to Friday’s post to see the video from Friday’s Resolution
Revolution Project and . . . . to marvel at the adorable hat I found at Urban
Outfitters last week 🙂