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Priscilla | May 23, 2010


There are snakes in my yard.

Well, that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve not yet seen one (and O how grateful I am) but I’ve been told, by those who’ve been in this neighborhood much longer than I, that I should be aware of their presence. You see, we live in a fairly rural part of Dallas. We love it. It’s quiet, kind of country and yet a quick 25 minute dash into the city. It’s certainly the best of both worlds and a fabulous way to raise three rambunctious boys.

But the thought of these snakes . . . man, it scares me. Quite frankly, if I’m not careful, the worry and anxiety over it could completely and easily overwhelm me.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like my home is a cesspool of reptiles that are slithering to and fro outside of my bedroom window every day. On the contrary, I’ve been here on this plot of land for almost two years now and have seen NOTHING. Not one little hint of a snake’s presence – and yet I know they are here. You can’t live in Texas, near a creek bed with a zillion trees and bushes all over the place, and think they’re not. The previous land owners made that clear to us – “You’ll be fine, but just teach your boys not to go strutting through any huge piles of leaves, stacks of old wood or otherwise thick patches of greenery.”

So, the threat of a snake is always in the back of my mind.

My mind . . . the breeding ground for fear gone wild. Fear over things that have not even happened, and prayerfully never will. My mind . . . the part of my body that keeps me up at night for 2-3 solid hours with all the “what if’s” it creates and distorts. It asks my imagination to come out for playtime and the two of them romp around in delight while I sit, paralyzed by their activity.

Over what?

Nothing . . .

Absolutely nothing.

I’m going to enjoy this property and I will let my kids do the same. We’ll tread with care, but we will indeed tread. I refused to let the “what if’s” spoil the blessings of my life.

Has your mind been playing tricks on you? Over something that you heard could happen but never actually has? How have you be able to combat that in your life? Tell me about it.