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So Worth It

Priscilla | Jun 07, 2010


Every now and then, my sweet friend Shundria, sends me incredible emails that stir my heart
and get me thinking. I’ve been pressuring her to preserve all of her thoughts because I can certainly see a book in her future. Until then, I want to share some of her sentiments with you.

I opened up my email to find this touching account of a day in her life with three small children and how this busy season has changed both her and her husband.

Read and Enjoy!


–  –  –  –

Today I said to my man, “that was fun!” He said, “yes it was!” We
both smiled and said, “it was soo worth it!”

Let me explain.

We decided to get season passes to a nearby waterpark a few days ago. We waited until the kiddos came home from their last day of school and surprised them. They squealed with excitement! We packed them in the van and spent about 4 hours in water. They had a blast. We
came home, ate, bathed, washed hair and put them to bed. We looked at each other and said “that was fun! It was so worth it!”

Then I started to think:  See . . . 13 years ago “that was fun! and it was so worth it!” meant something completely different.  Concerts in the parks, dinner with live jazz, dancing, festivals, dinner with friends and nice quiet evenings at home. It didn’t include swim diapers, swim
shoes, “not quite big enough” tote bags, or first aid kits. It was us two enjoying each other.

Fast forward to now . . .

Don’t get me wrong. We still love those “two people no kids” activities and could use a couple of those. However, it’s amazing how our hearts have been transformed. Life moves and desires change. Same words, different meanings.

Of course we don’t enjoy being in the heat, batting flies, or seeing people in swimsuits who got really bad advice. But we LOVE seeing the excitement in our kids’ eyes. How could we love these little kids who fight, leave messes, break things, disobey and are at times unappreciative?  We get excited to get involved in activities that are of no benefit to us, but are completely about blessing them. They are ours and it’s about our love for them.

I get it . . .

Reminds me of my Father in Heaven.  How can He love me? A person who fights, leaves messes, breaks things, disobeys and at times is unappreciative? He continues to bless me just because He loves seeing me smile and hearing me squeal! I am His and it’s about His love for me! I love him!

It overwhelms my heart to think that the Lord gave up his life for someone like me, and tells me daily, “I love you, sweet girl. It was sooo worth it”.

Not deep . . . just simple . . . and profound!