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A Stranger’s Prayers

Aug 10, 2010

I wonder if you’ve
ever had a random stranger pray over you?
Well, think back, have you?

There have been a handful of times in my life that someone felt
compelled to pray for me. Once, I met a woman in the mall. Knowing I
was in town for an event that evening, she walked over to me, right as I
was sitting down to my Chick-fil-A nuggets in the food court, and asked
me if I minded her praying. I was shocked and moved that she’d
recognized me and that she was bold enough to ask.
And. . .I was grateful. I needed it and that woman was a confirmation of
God’s presence and continual care of me. So, right there, in the midst
of mall shoppers, she laid hands on me and called out to God on my
behalf. At the end of it we were both crying, and I knew for sure it had
been a divine appointment.

Well, it happened again this past weekend in Oklahoma. I had a book
signing at a local Mardels store and a group of women from a local
church stopped by to get books signed. Before they left, they asked if they
could pray for me. What followed was extremely touching – a group of
women surrounding me and laying hands on me and my co-worker Linnae.
Yup, right there next to the checkout counter at Mardels with busy
shoppers gawking near by. They said moving prayers that literally made
the Spirit within me leap.
I was blessed.. . SO blessed and I’m grateful.

Thank you. Your prayers have made a difference in my life.


women praying for me