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Sunday Sentiments

Mar 23, 2011

Well, this coming Sunday is a bit sentimental for me. For the first time, I’ve been invited to speak for the Women’s Day services at Concord Baptist Church in Dallas where Rev. Bryan L. Carter pastors. Now, in order to get the full impact of this invitation, you have to know that Concord has been a part of my life since .  . . well since I was born. My father, and the former pastor of this church Dr. E.K. Bailey, were starting their churches and ministries at the very same time. Both of their fledgling flocks were positioned in the same urban setting in the Dallas metroplex. They were friends in ministry and encouraged each other as they sought to build God’s church and encourage God’s people.

I have memories of visiting Concord as a little girl when my father was invited to preach there, and I can also recall numerous occasions when Dr. Bailey would speak to our congregation. My mind is filled with images of my mother and Mrs. Sheila Bailey, sitting next to each other on the front row of one church or the other, arm in arm, listening to their husbands serve together in ministry. And there are incredible memories that I have of my family spending time with the Bailey family – playing games and enjoying each others’ company.

When Dr. Bailey went home to be the Lord a few years ago, I cried along with his children – who are so important to me.

Yes. Concord feels like family to us. In some ways, I feel like a product of this ministry that has been so closely connected in friendship and in geographic proximity to our own.

So, you can imagine what receiving an invitation to minister to their church on their annual Women’s Day must feel like. It’s a bit daunting, but exciting all at the same time. There’s a level of enthusiasm that standing in front of any crowd brings, but even being on a platform before 20,000 women in an arena doesn’t carry the same emotional connection and nostalgia as THIS Sunday will. (Wonder how many people there will have known me since I was knee high?)

I’m honored. Thankful. Grateful. And humbled to be able to serve God’s people in this way, and I look forward to hopefully giving a little bit back to this ministry that has given years of blessing to me.Live near? I’d be happy to see you there.Priscilla