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Apr 16, 2013

Morning’s are interesting.  Some find their way into your home with liquid gold fingers of quiet, pulling you from slumber with a glance in your eyes and a bird heralding it’s presence.  Others jar you into existence with a rackety alarm, smothered by pillows, and the demands of the day marching into your bedroom with loud voices demanding attention.  

Whatever morning you had this day, you did do one thing:  you woke up.  Most of us woke up and put clothes on and brushed the fuzz from our teeth and made our way into the world to conquer what little piece we have been given to conquer today.  Others are still in zombie-land, with hearts saddened by tragedies gone by.  Still others woke up to be flung into a never-ending cycle of confusion. 

No matter what happens every day, you and I awaken.  We wake up.  And each day as we awaken we make decisions and position our hearts to decide how we want to mold our day…and our lives.

In a few short weeks, we are gathering in DFW for Awaken.  It’s just one night.  Just one night of meeting with women all across the DFW area to breathe in what God has to be saying to you.  Today.  This moment.  It’s just one night for God to re-position your heart, to make clear a decision, to focus your eyes…just one night for God to MOVE.

And that’s exactly what we’re asking Him to do.  Move.  Speak.  Talk to us Father!  We are desperate to hear You!  

What are YOU doing May 23rd?  If you’re near DFW, you should join us.  Breathe in God.  Worship with women of all different cultures.  And hear His Word.


On May 23rd, we invite you.



FOR FREE REGISTRATION CLICK HERE:  http://awakenmay2013.eventbrite.com/


(Or click here to watch:  http://vimeo.com/62286236)

FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE:  http://www.goingbeyond.com/events/2013-05-23/awaken