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The Beauty of Transition

Michone' | Jun 23, 2015

I often enjoy observing others in their seasons of transition and imagining what their future will look like.

Does sitting and watching young kids running in the park or gazing at newlywed couples sharing their new love sound familiar to you?

Or does observing recent college graduates preparing for interviews, or even watching as pregnant young wives reveal their great news ring a bell?

Have you ever found yourself pondering on the “next” in your life? Well, for me, this is very common. However, this time it’s me.

Yes ME!

It’s me that is in transition.

It’s me embarking on a new journey!

It’s me traveling unchartered territory!

And well, shall I say, it’s been a bit interesting.

You see, over the past year I have prwalkingayed, fasted, and sought out God’s hand and direction many times. I’ve been asking Him to lead me as I walked through a season of seeking His perfect will. This past March, after a 9 month courtship, the man of my prayers asked for my hand in marriage. I cannot even begin to express the excitement that filled my heart in the anticipation of starting this new journey. Not the wedding or the pretty flowers, not the long veil and gorgeous gown, not the family and all the dancing, but the “being a wife” part is what excited me the most. And still does!

As new seasons of transition and expectation approach in our lives, be it good or challenging, we are often overcome with emotion. Emotions of joy, love, anxiety, fear. Emotions of sadness, gratefulness, pensiveness, and the like.

I think as life begins to move so do your emotions. Up, down, and all around. And if we don’t learn to master them, they will begin to master us. As a young fiancé going through the hustle and bustle of planning for the future and walking through unchartered territory, I am definitely learning daily that if I am not surrendering my will and emotions to the Lord, they will take on a mind their own. I think one of God’s sweetest gifts is the gift of choice. And while emotions sometimes seem to have a mind of their own, I pray that we all remember that God’s incredible peace in transition is always on the other side of sweet surrender.