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The Prince Warriors Series CONTINUES!!!

Priscilla | Aug 07, 2017


I’ve loved hearing the stories you’ve shared with me about how the Prince Warriors series has impacted the lives of your young readers. I’ve even gotten tons of letters and photos from the readers themselves. I read every one and respond as much as I possibly can! One of the main things you’ve been asking is if there will be a fourth book in the series and we’ve been praying to see how the Lord will lead.

As we consider crafting new stories about the unseen realm of Ahoratos, would you mind answering any or all of the questions below? I’d love to hear directly from your kid on question #3. 🙂

1.  What topics of spiritual conversation or types of questions came up from your kids after reading the Prince Warrior books? What impacted them the most?

2.  What types of real-life situations are your sons and daughters currently facing, in their social gatherings or even their personal lives that have the mark of spiritual warfare?

3.  Ask your child, if there was another Prince Warriors book what epic or adventurous things would they like to see happen with Xavier, Levi, Evan, Brianna and the other characters? What creative thoughts do they have about the unseen realm of Ahoratos?

Just leave a comment in the box below or send us an email at PrinceWarriors@goingbeyond.com. I cannot wait to hear from you!