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A Time of Refreshing

Jan 25, 2012

I’ll be honest, it’s just not often enough that I
get to sit in a Bible study with an empty notebook and pen in hand. Of course,
I’m a student of the Bible and love my regular church setting on Sundays and my
personal devotional life that I try to be consistent with, but I rarely get
the chance to gather with other women in a Bible study setting just to lean in
and listen to another share God’s Word. It’s a unique treat for me and one that
I enjoy just as much as about anything else in my life. It’s so refreshing and
sweet; a respite of sorts for my soul. Tuesday night was one of those rare
opportunities for me.

I’m in Houston this week for a yearly trip I try to
take to catch up with a few college buddies, capitalize on some prime
writing/studying hours and pull in a few extra hours of sleep. It’s just a few
days that I relish in and always look forward to. But this year, it just so
happened that my trip fell on the same week as Beth Moore’s new Bible study
class on the book of Deuteronomy.

You heard me right. . . . Deuteronomy.

Leave it to Miss Beth to open up a book of the
Bible known for it’s hard to manage terminology and theology and make it
applicable to regular girls like us. . . but this is Miss Beth we’re talking
about. Who better to make that happen.

I drove up to Houston’s First Baptist church and
sat in a line of traffic that spiraled up the feeder road of Hwy I10 for miles.
A sea of brake lights flashed before me. I swear I thought I was at the Super
Bowl not a Bible study. Surely, this was the wrong line.

Not a chance. It was
the right one.

My breath was taken away when I finally got inside
the massive auditorium and saw 4,000 women gathered for a Bible study class. I
don’t know what I expected but. . . not this. Is this how Houston women have Bible
study? AMAZING! Pens and papers were in hand and everyone leaned forward and
listened intently for a Word from God. And boy did we get one. . . from God
through our teacher. Deuteronomy never seemed so. . . user-friendly before.


What a great start to my few days away from life as
I usually know it. Now, I’ll huddle up in my hotel room for some time of
writing and studying and top it all off with some great Mexican food while I’m
at it.

MMMMM. . .it’s going to be a good week.