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Total Relaxation & Winners

Jan 23, 2012

This past weekend I wanted to get out of town for a change of scenery and the first place that always comes to my mind is Waco, TX. My brother and sister-in-law live there with their two little girls and it is always a little oasis for me to come to. It is such a blessing to have them living so close and I love the fact that whenever I need a retreat that my family is the place to go!

And indeed it was a wonderful retreat! By Saturday night I was in total relaxation mode. We put the girls down by about 8:00, we had the fire burning, I had the new Real Simple Magazine in hand… and I just SAT…. and READ! This to me at this season in life, is total relaxation. 

It’s funny how it changes over time. I used to want to be out and about with all my friends doing all kinds of things all around the city to clear my head and recharge, but not anymore. Now it’s all about being at home, with a book of some sort in hand, and just sitting in the quiet. I’m already wondering when I can make this happen again this week =) 

Are you the same way? What does it look like for you to be recharged and how often do you get to do it? Looking forward to hearing from you guys this week, and I hope we all get a chance one day this week to give ourselves a little break. 


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