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Aug 02, 2010

Today, I was over at our new office space. In fact, it’s where Jerry, myself and the rest of the team have been, at least for a few minutes, every single day for the past 2 months. You see, we purchased an old barn structure and had high hopes of what it could become. Somehow we could see the potential peering through the exposed electrical wires, raw concrete floors and stark florescent lighting. We recruited the help of some great friends of ours who happen to be master renovators, and have held our breath every step of the way. On a limited budget, we watched them begin to transform what will become the offices of Going Beyond ministries.While standing amidst the half finished projects, loose boards and the smell of fresh paint and gloss today, I couldn’t help but think how much this project is so much like my life. There’s just so much in need of renovating. More like – COMPLETE Transformation. Everything from my mouth to my priorities have needed an overhaul. I’m so grateful for the Master Renovator who has been willing to take over the project. I decided to call Him in long ago when I discovered that this project was going to be way too big for me to handle on my own. Turns out, He’s not just my friend but he happens to be the best in the Life Transforming business. And. . . slowly but surely, I’m seeing change and I’m so glad about it.There’s still a long way to go – in the office and in my life – but I think we’re well on the way.



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