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This tree and me.

Sep 22, 2013


I couldn’t help but notice this one little tree when we were outside last week, all orange in a sea of green and much smaller than anything around it. It reminded me of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree – fall edition.

I could see a little of myself in the tree. As I noticed his obvious differences from those around him, I was encouraged by what the Lord showed me.

Many times in my life I look around and it is easy to feel a little lonely; like the tree, a little set apart. I have found that when following the call of Christ, the path is in fact narrow and there are few that choose to walk it Matthew 7:13-14.

As a “twenty-something” in today’s world, I find that my peers and I share many common concerns. We often pressure ourselves to fight for our careers. We worry about obtaining as much wealth as we can. We feel the pressure to use our relationships to network with those around us and we can easily get focused on perfecting our image. While these things, in of themselves, are not evil they often work against my primary goal of being a Servant of God.

Because my heart is to follow Christ and I am committed to serving Him in whatever I do, I often look a little different. It’s not so much about the color of my “leaves” but more about my willingness to stand set apart. It can be hard to find deep friendships when you are going against the grain of your generation. Satan commonly tells me because I am different something is wrong with me.

I love this quote from God is Able:

That little tree was just doing what it was designed for, right where it was. I’m encouraged that even though I look a little different and at times the walk can be lonely, I am to grow right where I am. And instead of being self-conscious of my flaws embrace them for evidence of Christ working in me.

I realized this week that just like the vibrant orange caused me to stop and stare at the little tree, the very thing that makes me set apart, and sometimes lonely, is also the thing that causes people to be drawn to Christ in me.

Be encouraged this week,