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Unlikely Friends

May 31, 2011

Jerry and I have recently made some new friends. We so enjoy this couple, and their three children have bonded with ours in the most wonderful way.

It all began around this time last year. I went to see a doctor about a pain I was having – needed to consult with him about a surgery that I was considering in order to get rid of it. He was a delightful man who’d come highly recommended by some other friends of mine. After meeting with him and getting his expert opinion on the situation, I scheduled the operation for January 3, 2011. Between the initial visit and the surgery date, I had several pre-op appointments at his office. I went to all of them alone – no need for both Jerry and I to both go in for those.

But on surgery day, Jerry drove me halfway across town to keep me company as I went under the knife. Nothing major, just a day surgery. Six hours after being admitted, I was back at home and nestled in my own bed.

My post-op appointment was scheduled for four days later. Since I was unable to drive, my husband accompanied me back to the office. When the doctor walked in, I was completely shocked and taken aback when he and Jerry smiled hugely and gave each other one of those big, manly “guy-hugs”. 

I didn’t quite understand what was happening here. Other than the day I’d had the surgery, this was the the first time they had spent any real time together (or so I thought) and yet they appeared to be old friends. I looked quizzically at both of them and they quickly explained that while I’d been in the recovery room waking up from all of the anesthesia, they’d been sitting in the waiting room together, talking about everything under the sun – from their wives and children to the latest and greatest Apple invention. Apparently, while I was drugged, they’d become fast friends.

This began an “office” friendship with our doctor. When I’d come back every other week for a follow-up appointment, we’d spend no less than 45 minutes to an hour, shooting the breeze with our new friend. We saw pics of his family and he saw ours. We’d shared vacation stories and talked about our hobbies. We liked this doctor a lot, and one afternoon I even mentioned to Jerry on the ride home from our visit how it’d be neat to meet his wife and family one day.

But. . .this man was my doctor. Seemed a bit weird.

Which is why I was stunned when I received a very long text from him one day. He’d never used my cell number before. I couldn’t understand why my doctor would be texting my personal number. Turns out, he’d told his wife about “the couple” at work that he so enjoyed spending time with, and after putting two and two together, it was uncovered that his wife had done almost every Bible study I’d ever written. In fact, she was currently in the “One In A Million” study. A brand new believer, this woman was steeping herself in the study of God’s word and she and a group of fifty women were using our resources to help them dig deep.

His text explained that his wife nearly jumped out of her skin when she realized who her husband was talking about.This revelation led to a couples’ lunch date, which led to a family outing . . and then another . . .and then another. In fact, this past Memorial Day weekend, we had a barbecue at our house with them on Sunday and then ended up having an impromptu pool party at their house on Monday.

Great couple – just beginning their journey with God, with great kids who get along so well with my own. 

Yes indeed, an unlikely friendship, but one that is refreshing in the most wonderful ways. In fact, his wife shared with me that she had been praying for two years that the Lord might send a godly guy into her husband’s life to help him grow in his walk with the Lord. So, she sees our husbands’ unlikely meeting as a direct answer to her prayer.


Pretty neat to see how God brings people together, and I treasure this unlikely friendship of mine – even if it took a little surgery to make it happen. 

It’s ok. I guess I just took one for the team :)You got one of these unlikely friendships?Priscilla