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A Wednesday Treat!

Jul 23, 2013

Hey there!

Hope you are fantastic today.

Glad you popped over to the blog today, ’cause I’m talking to a friend that I’m sure you’d love to hear from.
Last week, Ms. Beth arrived in Dallas for 24 hours of rest. I scooped her up from the airport around 5:15pm and took her directly to one of my favorite Dallas boutiques.

You heard me right. We left the airport and went immediately to shop.

That’s just our way. We didn’t pass “go”. Didn’t stop to collect $200. We just went straight to the store. We had to hurry because it was going to close at 7pm. Fought rush-hour traffic and arrived in time to have 45 minutes inside.

Lots can happen in 45 minutes.

Then, since we have a tendency to work up extreme hunger when we are frantically ripping through a store that is about to close, we went to dinner with my sister Chrystal.

We ate and laughed ourselves silly.

When we left the restaurant it only took a few minutes of drive time before Ms. Beth let out a yawn. Then another. I knew that if she was yawning she had to REALLY be tired. Cause in all these years I’ve known her, I’ve not ever seen her do that. I mean, not once can I ever recall seeing that woman yawn. She just seems to be like the energizer bunny – going and going and going.

But her 4:30am wake up call was catching up to her. So, I took her home and put her to bed . . .

. . . .but only after we made her do a little work around the GB offices to earn her keep.

She struggled to keep up so Jerry helped her along as much as he could.

(We decided she’s not right for the job though. Should definitely stick to speaking.)

In the morning, my boys and I scrambled her some eggs along with sausage and toast. Then the two of us sat down to record a video that was intended for her blog community – a group that has spent the first half of the summer doing the “Gideon” Bible study together. We had so much fun goofing around on tape that I thought I’d post the video here for you to enjoy as well.

So, sit back for a few minutes and take a peek 🙂

Have a great day friend!



MVI 1658 from Going Beyond on Vimeo.