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Weekend Highlight

Jul 25, 2010

It was a great weekend at the Desperate for Jesus conference at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Fantastic messages from Beth Moore and Tara Jenkins, and then the always popular panel discussion.

I know God did some business with each woman who came, but I’ve gotta tell you that the highlight of MY weekend was being mistaken for my hair idol, Beth Moore.


I think I was really in the spirit on Saturday morning, when I happened to style my hair the same way she did hers that day. I was going for volume on top, but after I saw the fabulous way she achieved hair height, I realized that I could learn some things from that lady:

1. I need to invest is some new hair products.

2. A personal hair counseling session with Miss Beth couldn’t hurt, either.

Anyway, I dug up this photo from about 3 years ago at a Deeper Still conference in which she was kind enough to pose with me. My resolve to keep studying the Word and keep growing my hair out have deepened since then. I think if Miss Beth could gain about 15 pounds (’cause I sure ain’t losing it!), and I could work on my tan and hair, we certainly could pass for sisters. OK, cousins.

Beth Moore and Rachel

Yeah, I’m still flyin’ high.