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Oct 13, 2009

Welcome from Priscilla

O my goodness.  .  . I can’t believe you are here.

Ok, really, I can’t believe I AM HERE. I have a blog! (laughing hysterically in shock).

I know what you are thinking, “It’s about time, Priscilla.” Well, I can’t blame you. You are right. I admit, we are little bit behind technologically, but I’m just glad to be on the “other side” at long last!


I’m so thrilled that you’ve found us, and my hope is that we’ll have a community that you can call home or at least a nice vacation spot that you visit every now and then. There’s nothing like good conversation, and I need some of that right now. Like you, my hands and days are full– full of all the stuff in life that matters – a husband, three sons, ministry demands – and a lot of the stuff that, honestly, I can do without – dinner dishes, dirty laundry, traffic jams and too-long lines at the grocery store. So every now and then I just want to kick back with a cup of hot tea and “talk” or at least read what others are talking about. That’s what I’m hoping this blog will provide for us – a community where we can be ourselves, laugh, learn and hopefully grow.

Rachel has just recently joined the Going Beyond Ministries team to help us facilitate our blog and I’m so excited to see what she will do. Not only is she my neighbor but she’s one of my closest friends. (You won’t believe how we met – 7 years ago when I was preggo with my first son she was the artist that painted a mural for his nursery. A three day job took three weeks because we couldn’t stop talking). Did I mention that she’s an EXPERT blogger (www.homesanctuary.com)? I call her the blog queen! So I am so excited that we get to add “co-laborer” to our list of things that keep us connected. I know she’s going to keep this place hopping and create an atmosphere that is as cozy as it is fabulous!

So, kick back, relax and make yourself at home in my “living room”. It’s been a long time comin’.