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WFA Summer | Chatting with Ms. Beth!

Priscilla | Aug 17, 2015

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Hey There!

This has been quite the summer and I am so glad you are sharing it with me! Guess who I have here with me today?! Ms. Beth Moore! Yay!! Click play to watch.

Unable to view video? Click here: Ms. Beth and Priscilla Chat About War Room

Invite all you know!!  We want to let hollywood know that we want more family friendly, faith-based films like this in theaters!!

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Before you go, we have TEN winners to congratulate from Monday and Wednesday’s blog!  We are giving away copies of a tween devotional from For Girls Like YouThank you to everyone that shared advice you’d give your “younger self”. If you have a tween girl in your life, take some time to read the comments that were shared. The advice was great and we’d like to share a few from our winners:

“. . . know that you’re worth more than this world says you are. You have someone who uniquely created you to stand out. Even if you have to physically stand alone God will take care of you. So stay true to being yourself.” – LaShondra G.

“. . . you are enough and beautiful. No matter the rejection or drama that may go on around you whether in school or at home; you matter.” – Leslie D.

“I would tell myself that I was beautiful just the way God made me and that I didn’t need to be prettier or smarter to be special and significant. I simply needed to accept and embrace the person I was becoming.” – Vanessa S.

“I would tell my tween self that God is always with you and will help you in every situation (family, school, friends, food, fashion, music, etc.) All we have to do is ask. No situation is stupid or unimportant to Him.” – Shamara M.

Jennifer D.
Judie B.
Trina H.
Michelle W.
Maria  A.
Stacia G.

Enjoy your day!



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