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A Devotional for Tween Girls Giveaway!

Priscilla | Feb 03, 2015

Well, I’ll readily admit that I’m pretty smitten by Wynter Pitts and her sweet brood of girls.

Wynter Pitts

I mean, come on! Adorable right?

More than anything, I’ve appreciated Wynter’s faithful passion to make sure her girls had something created with them in mind that would keep them grounded in the Word and focused in the right direction – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For the past three years, she has carefully crafted a magazine for girls – yours and hers – that has reached many tweens with inspiring messages of faith.

Which is why when I heard that she was writing a devotional for girls, I jumped on the bandwagon of support. What could be better than putting resources in the hands of our young sisters that will help shape the women they will become! And TODAY is the official release date of this incredible resource for the tweens in your life!

For Girls Like You Devotionals for Tweens

We can’t wait to give away 3 copies of Wynter’s book! You just need to do three things for a chance to win:

  1. Enjoy Wynter’s blog post below.
  2. Leave a post listing one way that you encourage your daughter to know God for herself.
  3. Include your email address in your comment so we can contact you if you’re a winner.

It’s as easy as that! Winners will be notified by email on Friday, February 6th.

Can’t wait to get this book in your hands. Meanwhile, check it out on her site or at your local bookstore!

Bless you, Priscilla


Tween Devotional For Girls Like You


My life is a bit like a scene from the musical “Annie.”

Little girls

Little girls

Everywhere I turn I can see them!

Four of them to be exact! Within a 5-year span, my husband and I found ourselves surrounded by various shades of pink, glitter and giggles…and we love it.

Seriously…we do!

Being a mom to girls ages 5 (twins!), 8 and 10, is fun. No, I may not always fully appreciate every giggle or understand every inside joke, but the truth of it is, I’m simply a grown up little girl and I am grateful to know that God’s Word speaks every language, to every season of life!

I am desperately seeking to raise my daughters with a passion and heart for Jesus. Because I know, first-hand, that the years between princess dresses and lipstick matter—and they matter a lot!

Our daughters need to know and experience God’s Word for themselves. They need to know that the Bible is the best book they will ever read. There are answers to their hardest questions, advice on how to handle their most difficult times and solutions to every problem they will ever encounter.

Although we cannot give our daughters our personal blueprints for building a relationship with their Creator, I believe we can set the stage and give them His Word in a way that they can relate it to their lives.

So how do you encourage your daughter to get to know God for herself?

Here are just 3 practical tips:

1. Help her to carve out time. It is true that many things will not happen during our days if we do not schedule them. Encourage her to set a time to dig into the Word of God on her own!

2. Know the genre of stories she enjoys and point her there in the Bible. For example, if she loves stories about friendships, tell her about the Book of Ruth! If she is into scientific adventures, then show her Genesis and the story of Creation! Show her that God knows about everything she loves!

3. Make it a personal journey for her. Give her a Bible of her own and give her the freedom to doodle, take notes and highlight all throughout it! Also encourage her to read and study with friends!


And now for her! Here is an excerpt from the new For Girls Like You Devotional for Tweens that you can share with your girls and encourage her to get to know God for herself!

It’s in There

“…The Bible is not just full of stories; it is full of God’s words. They are not just stories written by people for fun or pretend, but the Bible is a book from God for your life. It is here to teach you more about Him.

There are answers to your hardest questions, advice on how to handle difficult times, and solutions to every problem. You will never experience anything that God has not already talked about in the Bible!

If you are the kind of girl who likes scientific adventures, you should start right at the beginning with Genesis. After all, God is the creator of the universe! Do you enjoy reading about friendships? Then open up the book of Ruth and read how Ruth and Naomi became best friends during a difficult time and how nothing could destroy their relationship. If you want to read stories of true love and risky adventure, then make your way to the New Testament and open up to Acts and Romans. There you will read about Paul and how his love for Jesus sent him on a journey with many twists and turns.

Actually, no matter what book of the Bible you turn to, you are reminded of how much God loves you and how much He is willing to do to you, for you, and through you when you choose to follow Him! He wants you to know Him, enjoy Him, and love Him.

The Bible is God’s book to you. It’s not too big or too long. Find a quiet spot. Read carefully and turn the pages one at a time…”

– Wynter