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A Life In Alignment

Priscilla | Dec 01, 2015


Hey there! I hope you’ve been enjoying our recent vlogs. I know I have. I love having the opportunity to chat with you via video ever-so-often. Let’s get right to it!
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Are you interested in what the Five P’s are that I mention?

Position yourself to hear from God.
Though God can speak to us anywhere and anytime, we find hearing easier when the distractions are limited.

Pore over the passage and Paraphrase the major points.
When you read the Bible expecting God to speak, you refrain from skimming quickly through the passages. Take time in each verse.

Pull out the spiritual principles.
Spiritualize the major points of the verse. What is God teaching me?

Pose the question.
Form a personally directed question from each of the spiritual principles you listed in the step above.

Plan obedience and Pin down a date.
Don’t be one who hears and then does nothing with what she has heard. Record the steps that you can take immediately to begin responding to what God has said to you in the verses you look at.

Blessings to you!

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