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Addition and Subtraction

Rachel Anne | Jan 13, 2010

On Wednesday afternoon, Priscilla stopped over with her boys to hang out and give them a change of scenery for doing homework.  I provided the kitchen table and juice drinks, they provided the brain cells and energy to get it done.

J.C. is working on his vocabulary, while Jackson is done with his math and has moved on to play time.

Question: Now, what do you get when you take two boys, add them together with an open floor, and mix in some wrestling?

Answer: Fewer teeth!

I’m not sure what kind of addition/subtraction algorithm that is, but let’s just say that J.C.’s tooth met with Jackson’s foot and parted ways!

Now, that’s a cute smile! And he got to take his tooth home in a ziplock bag.

Got any “loose tooth” stories? Every kid should have at least ONE!

Have a great day,