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An Update on the Release of Prince Warriors

Priscilla and BH Publishing | Apr 05, 2016

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Update!!! – April 11th:

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Original Post – April 5th:  We wanted to give you a quick update about The Prince Warriors. To make a long story short, to date, we have had to reject tens of thousands of copies of the book because of trouble with the printer regarding the quality of the books that we have received. Please know that there are many people working feverishly to get these books into your hands. We hope that the delay is a sign of how much power this book contains – how impactful it will be to your Prince and Princess Warriors!

Because we know prayer is powerful, we are asking you to join us in praying for these specific things:

  • That God’s favor would be upon the printer and that we would get copies in that are able to be approved.
  • That the books will ship soon so that we can honor our commitment to you and your Prince and Princess Warriors.
  • That the series would inspire kids and deepen their desire to dig into Scripture and grow their relationships with Christ.

We are so grateful for each of you – for your support and the excitement that you’ve expressed surrounding the series. We are praying for you to be able to have meaningful and intentional conversations regarding spiritual warfare with your kids – that you may all wear your armor and stand firm against the enemy together.

Many thanks,
Priscilla and the entire team at BH Publishing