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Autumn Where Art Thou?

Sep 05, 2012

I love all of the seasons. Each year, I anticipate all four of them eagerly. Tired of the blustering winters and bulky coats, I yearn for the new life and bold colors of spring. Then I look forward to the lazy days of summer that call for tank tops, flip flops and swim suits. After a couple months of wiping sweat from my brow and paying a ghastly cooling bill for air conditioning at home, I look forward to the less intense searing heat of autumn.It’s the gorgeous season when the leaves change colors and the temperature cools. It demands light sweaters, cute boots and cozy leggings. And right now, as the thermometer reads 101 degrees at my home in Dallas, I’m anxiously awaiting the fall season.Turns out, some parts of the country are already experiencing some of the benefits that the next season will bring even though it’s not officially inaugurated until the 22nd of this month. In more northern US states, some are dipping into their winter wardrobes in the evening and pulling out some attire to keep the night chill off of their skin. They are thinking about hot soups and hearty chili for dinner and getting their fire places ready for marsh mellow toasting.I’m a bit jealous. . .cause it’s still hot in Texas. And when I say hot. . I mean it. It actually feels like cool weather hates us, is playing a cruel joke of hide and seek and is hiding itself in a place never to be discovered again.I don’t like hide and seek. Never have.So, I’m a bit jealous of my sweater wearing, ankle-boot clad sisters in the north and I can’t wait to join their ranks.If only Texas temperature would cooperate.Sometimes I wish my life would cooperate too.I often get jealous and impatient if I notice “cooler weather” settling into another person’s life while mine is still scorching hot under the intense rays of some circumstance that has been causing the sweat to bead up on my brow. When I begin to see a nice breeze brushing across someone else’s cheeks ushering them into a different season that I think I’d much prefer, I can become quietly frustrated and envious. And sometimes, impatience rules and I start to change my wardrobe too soon – wearing something that isn’t suited for my season of life.  So instead of dressing for my situation, I want to put on an outfit that isn’t conducive to what the Lord is doing with me. Foolishly, I wear autumn attire when I’ve got summer weather to contend with.Doesn’t make any more sense than me putting on my wool coat and stepping outside this afternoon.It would make life a whole lot more difficult and uncomfortable than it has to be.You and I better stop taking our cues for what to wear from another region’s forecast. Sure, some other woman might look good and feel great in a huge, cozy, comfy sweater today . . . if that’s what her weather calls for.But, right now, I’m in Texas and it’s far too hot for a sweater of any kind. The sooner I get that, the more I’ll enjoy the season that I’m in. . . .The sooner you’ll enjoy the one you’re in. . . . . .the one in your city. . . .. . and the one in your life.Priscilla