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The Awaken VIP List

Oct 06, 2013

It’s October! That’s makes me happy for many reasons – several of which are quite trite and superficial (think tall boots, comfy sweaters and cute scarves).

Others are a bit more substantial – like walks with my boys in cooler temperatures and an excuse to drive through Starbucks for a piping hot cup of the latest flavor of goodness they have dreamed up.

(Not sure that this counts as “substantial” but whatever.)

One of the reasons I’m MOST thrilled that October has arrived is that Awaken is on the 24th. Just a couple weeks away! There are already more than 1000 of us registered and making plans to come together for an evening that I hope will refresh your soul, connect you with others and inspire you to awaken to the things of the Lord in a brand new way.

Each time our ministry hosts an Awaken event, we like to treat several of you to a little VIP treatment. Honesty, in our book all of you are actually quite special and endearing to us. This is actually the reason we decided to start the Awaken gatherings in the first place – to see you face to face, bless you as much as we can and encourage you in the Lord and in life. But, FIVE OF YOU will be chosen to receive reserved seating, a special gift bag of books and resources from our ministry and (best of all for me) I’ll get the privilege of hugging your neck and sharing some food and fellowship with you before the event begins.

We just want to spoil as many of you as we can! It’s our gift to you.

So, if you are planning to come to the Awaken event on October 24th at Fellowship Dallas, then please enter to be our VIP by doing the following things:

Click HERE : http://www.goingbeyond.com/events/2013-10-24/awakenan-evening-priscilla-shirer .  Send it to at least one or more of your friends to invite them to gather with us on October 24th.
Follow @AwakenDFW on twitter (if you are a twitter kind of gal).
Leave a comment to this post telling us three things:  – Will this be your first Awaken event or have come before? If this is not your               first time, what has impacted you the most at previous gatherings?  – What is the name of the friend(s) you’ve sent the link to and invited to                     Awaken?  – What is your email address so we can contact you if you’ve won?

Thanks for playing along. We’ll choose our winners on 10/18/13. I can’t wait to see ALL of you on the 24th. We are praying, planning and preparing for it to be an amazing time together.

You are fiercely loved,