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Beautiful Gifts

Priscilla Shirer | Jan 04, 2015

Happy New Year sis!

So glad to be in 2015 with you.

My holiday season was FULL to say the least (same as my belly). There was no shortage of family gatherings, gift openings, laughter, carbs, sugar and napping. Actually, the carbs and sugar were the reasons why I needed to nap. Or maybe I should call it a “coma”. Seems more accurate. I ate myself into that delightful and yet miserable state of overindulged fullness.

So, basically, this was “me” all of December:

Click here if unable to view video.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the season was gift giving. Receiving was a treat too but nothing like the thrill of giving. Since I was a little girl my family has had the tradition of buying gifts for another family. I’ve carried that tradition over to my own. So, each year my boys shop for some other children. They each pick two or three things (that they’d personally like to have) for the purpose of giving it away.

This year, we shopped for two beautiful boys much the same age as my own. My sons carefully selected some fun things – nerf guns, remote control helicopters, skateboards – and then we took the wrapped gifts to their house several days before Christmas. I loved watching my sons experience the thrill of GIVING gifts for the holidays. While Jerry and I took time to get to know the single mother raising them and to shower her with gifts as well.

I hope it’s a tradition that my boys will value enough to continue when they have families of their own.

My favorite gift to give this year was a gift card to the grocery store. The mom of these two young men told me that she loves to cook and that her growing sons love to eat. I enjoyed getting a chance to help her get the groceries she needs.

What was your favorite gift to give for the holidays?