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Best of Yourself – In Action

Jan 17, 2011

Yesterday, Priscilla posed a couple of questions that opened up a great discussion here on her blog. We hung on every word of each commenter, because we can totally relate to the reasons why it is hard to make time for taking care of ourselves. You, too?

Hey, we’re women – we are naturally givers, tenders, care-providers, shoulders to cry on, workers, helpers and friends. That doesn’t leave much time or energy to “put your oxygen mask on first,” as the airlines would put it. And yet we know we need to. But the guilt. THE GUILT!!

Let’s take this one step further today. Rather than simply discuss the reasons we CAN’T or DON’T invest in the best of ourselves, let’s DO something about it!

Today, carve out 5-10 minutes of intentional time to invest in creating the best you that there is. Lay aside the guilt, honey, let it go. This really won’t hurt.

What can you give yourself permission to do in 5-10 minutes?

-Read a few pages in that book on your nightstand.

-Put your feet up and close your eyes.

-Walk outside.

-Call a friend.

-Paint your nails.

-Talk to God.

-Browse a magazine.

-Have a cup of tea.


-OK, just do some butt-crunches as you sit there 🙂

-Request a brochure to that college you never finished.


-Organize your desk.

-Pick up some flowers for yourself at the grocery store.

-Take a buble bath. (that’s more like 20 min, but you can stretch it if you want)

Let’s make this a little bit more fun, shall we? Leave a comment letting us know how you are investing in your self – i.e. taking time for YOU so that you can meet the needs/responsibilities in your life. Take from this list or create your own idea and share it here.

Each commenter will be entered in a random drawing for a Going Beyond T-Shirt. Oh, yeah, your best you needs a shirt. A Going Beyond shirt.

Be intentional. Be creative. Be joyful. Today, celebrate your season – the one you’re in right now. You are God’s beautiful daughter and He delights in you. We can’t wait to hear what you do.