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Beyond the Horizon

Shannon | Jan 14, 2021

2021, we made it! 

But, what now?

With 2020 came many experiences that rocked us. We were taught to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, to roll with the punches. Our faith was challenged as we yielded in surrender to God. The events of last year, and those that have bled into these first few weeks, should without a doubt influence our walk with the Lord in 2021.

· · ·

I began my year with low tire pressure. Sigh.

As a loyal customer to Discount Tire, I moseyed on over to my favorite shop and fell in line behind several vehicles awaiting their “free tire pressure check.” Minutes passed by, and I grew impatient that the line was not moving as quickly as it usually is. Numerous employees were working diligently to change tires and help customers, but not one of them appeared concerned about the line of vehicles that now extended all the way down the street.

Frustration gripped me with each passing minute. I started to notice other vehicles leaving the line and driving off as they were most likely assuming the same: no one was interested in helping us.

One by one, they went, and I was inching my way up to the front. But still, no employee in sight. With two vehicles ahead of me, I noticed a man exiting the opposite end of the garage, waving for the next vehicle to pull up and into the first station. Apparently . . . the regular “free tire pressure check” station was out of use, and thus, the process to air tires was taking longer than usual. 

Because I was unable to see beyond the vehicles in line before me, I had not noticed the employee that was, in fact, assisting us. My limited visibility hindered me from seeing what was ahead and what was to come, and I defaulted to assume the worst.

I do this far too often in my life, especially with God.

Our human eye has a limited worldview. We do not know what lies before us, but we can be certain that we serve an omniscient God (Psalm 147:5), who will supply our every need (Philippians 4:19), redeem us, lift us up, and carry us through when we do not have the strength to endure (Isaiah 63:9). We must not lose hope (Psalm 71:14), and instead, believe that He has the very best for us!

As I was driving home that evening (with proper tire pressure, hehe), the sun was setting in the sky. It was a particularly beautiful sunset, and I was inspired to look beyond the horizon and envision all of the possibilities this year may bring. God is so faithful even in the presence of our painful circumstances when all appears lost and forsaken. He is right there, operating behind the scenes. He sees the landscape of our lives and will provide for us. His timeline just may not align with ours.

Stay encouraged and faithful! May this be a year of full trust in Him!