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Bible Reading Tips

Jan 13, 2011

We loved all the comments and suggestions about Bible reading plans yesterday! We thought we’d take some of them and highlight them in a list – and let you add to them if you’d like. One thing that Priscilla has always encouraged us in is “quality” Bible time, so that no matter how much or how little you read, you are taking the time to digest it and apply it.

Do you want to improve your devotional/Bible reading life? I’ll bet all of us would answer,”YES!” Here are some ways to get more from your time in the Word.

1. Bible reading plans -i.e. Bible in a Year, OT in a Year, NT in a Year – are excellent ways to regularly get the whole Word.

2. Personal study guides – if you are floundering with a chapter here, a chapter there, everywhere a chapter, chapter…try a study book to complement your reading. Christian book stores are full of studies on nearly every book of the Bible.

3. Grab a notebook. Dori made an excellent suggestion, which was to (each day) write down something old, something new and something to do out of what you read. What an awesome way to put God’s word into practice!

4. Try a translation of the Bible that is different than your “usual” fare. You will be surprised at the freshness that can come! (Thanks, PhoneTreeEdifier)

5. Use a journal. This is one of Priscilla’s favorite tips. Write down what God is speaking to your heart, what observations you make, and your prayers as you go along. ( from Winnie)

6. Consider a 90 Day Through the Bible plan, if you are wanting to get maximum impact from the totality of the Word. Wow! I want to try this! (from Mindymc73)

7. Don’t despise small beginnings. I’m a huge believer in the power of success, however small. So try a chapter a day – say a Proverb, or something from the NT – and begin a habit that will grow and mature over time.

8. Try a chronological approach. Do you ever wonder when Isaiah was prophesying and what was going on in history at that time? You can purchase Bibles (or find online reading plans) that arrange the chapters and books of the Bible in chronological order. Suddenly, things can start making a lot more sense, when you have an idea of context. (thanks for the link, Angela)

9. Move your Apps! RoFoSho mentioned that she moved her Facebook and Twitter apps from the front page of her phone, and moved her Bible Reading app in their place. It’s helped her reduce the time she spends on social networks and increase her time in the Word. Nice!

10. Just get started. It’s easy to put off reading for every reason in the world: “I didn’t start on January 1st,” “I’m too busy,” “I’m not good at keeping up with these things”….but listen. Everyone has to start somewhere, and God knows right where you are. Satan will put every roadblock he can in your way, but you just keep on pressing on. There is blessing ahead of you, my friend.

Your turn! I’ve gathered up 10 tips but I’ll bet there are plenty more. What do you do to help motivate yourself to read? How do you make the most of your time in the Word?

We’d love for you to share.