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Changing Tastes

Sep 03, 2012

This is my idea of a great meal. . .

Brushed with butter and dusted with a hint of Tony’s Seasoning or Sea salt, these delicious veggies – which came from the local market not my own personal garden which I’ve long imagined planting – were a fantastic Labor Day meal hot off of the grill (with a healthy side of my husband’s grilled ribs and chicken of course!). There is something about the vibrant colors, crispy edges and sweet, savory flavors that make my mouth water even while I’m prepping them for cooking.I’ll admit that I haven’t always been so keen on veggies – at least certain kinds. Corn, broccoli and green beans were alright but zuchini, squash, kale and cabbage would rarely pass over my plate. They just weren’t my thing. I wasn’t interested in them at all.Somehow, over time as my palate has changed and matured, I’ve developed a liking for things I never thought I would. Now, I can’t wait to eat stuff like Bok Choy and Yellow Bell Peppers and I want them as often as possible.I think our bodies’ are similar to our spirits. When we were young in the faith there were certain principles from Scripture – like the John 3:16, “David and Goliath”, “In the Beginning . . . ” variety – that we didn’t mind chewing on and digesting. They worked well for us as we got our bearings and began to grow in Him. And maybe we looked at some other portions of Scripture – like the principles of justification and sanctification, the connection between grace and law, the Old Testament types and shadows or any portion of the book of Hebrews – and thought we’d never take a liking to it or develop the spiritual chops that were able to chew it up and digest it well.But somehow, over time, we grow up. By His Spirit, we mature and begin to hunger for principles of Scripture that once scared us half to death.And once we taste them . . and realize that God has given us the ability to handle them. . . we’re hooked.Because they are . . .MMM-MMM – Good.Here’s to good eating today. . and everyday.Priscilla