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The Chat with Priscilla

Nicole Staples | May 13, 2014

If it’s 12pm on a Tuesday or Thursday, you can find us here at the Going Beyond office huddled around our computer glued to latest The Chat with Priscilla. Each month has given us a new episode with great guests and many thought provoking discussions.

The month of May is no different, my friend! Priscilla sits down with none other than Beth Moore!! Are you doing the happy dance? I’m doing the happy dance! Please don’t let me be the only one doing the happy dance!

This chat is so much fun to watch, ya’ll. Priscilla sits down with Ms. Beth for a special The Chat with Priscilla Live. It was taped on the set of the Priscilla Shirer Live Simulcast, hosted by Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in the heart of New Orleans.  It was held in a church but it definitely felt like you were sitting around a coffee table or curled up on a couch just catching up with girlfriends. There are so many knee-slapping-type-of-laugh moments to enjoy.

The Chat

Ms. Beth shares openly about family, precious prayer time, her writing process, her love for coffee, and hairspray (I mean, of course!). She also talks about her newly released Bible study, Children of the Day, and her prayer for each woman that will participate in the study, whether in community or alone. There’s a fire in her heart for each of you, sister. Believe that. Her prayer is that you will love the Lord more than when you started. And at the end of the day you will sit back in total awe over the pure beauty of God and His Word.

The Chat

You don’t want to miss this special chat.

Be sure to tune in! Put it on your calendar, set your reminder, and place the sticky note on your dashboard – it will air every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm, 6pm and 10pm (CT) during the month of May.  You can click here to take you directly to the chat.



P.S. . .You will hear Priscilla and Ms. Beth talk about a simulcast that was held the following day. If you’ve missed that simulcast or would just love to see it again, you most certainly can! Lifeway has extended the digital pass for the event and you can purchase a pass here. Please know, this offer expires June 2nd.