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The Choices of Their Fathers

Aug 12, 2010

I heard of a movie with that title once – The
Choices of Their Fathers.
Or maybe it was a book. Hmmmm, either way, it’s stuck with me over the
years. I have no idea what the movie/book/play was about but the title
alone made me think. In fact, today my brother told me about someone he
met, and in a flash, it came back to my mind.

He met a young man named Conner Washington while at a church in San
Antonio. As he got a chance to spend time with him, the young man began
to tell him about his family which, it turns out, is beyond interesting.
You see, 7 generations ago, this man’s great, great, great, great,
great, great great (is that enough “greats”) grandfather lived.
That man was George Washington. As in – the very
first president of the United States.

He told my brother that as one of the founding
fathers of our country,
George Washington had to decide whether he wanted to be a president or
be a king. Had he chosen to be a king and preside as such over our
country, then that position would have been passed down to the men
in his family.

“In other words,” he said humbly, “I’d be king
right now if my great
grandfather had chosen differently.”
Yup.. .  he’d be the “King of America”

My brother was stunned. He was standing in the
presence of would-be
royalty. It had all hinged on “The Choices of His Father”.

There’s no telling what life altering things can
take place in our
children, grand children and great-grand children’s lives based on the
choices we make today. Seven generations from now, should the Lord
tarry, there will be some young whipper-snappers telling their life
stories – and at least a portion of those stories will find their roots
our choices today.

So, choose wisely today sister.

What you do, or don’t do, will make a difference
down the line.

Bless you today,