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Community in Love

Jun 23, 2013

Community is hard.  It’s messy.  It’s beautiful.  AND it’s dangerous.  “Dangerous?” you say.  Yes, DANGEROUS.  Because when I am in community, everyone can see all of my junk.  And eventually, my junk gets in the way of someone else knowing God.  It’s hard to have a bout with pride when someone needs you to love them, no matter what it requires of you.  It’s hard to have your ugly staring everyone in the face when they desperately need me to be full of Jesus, loving and leading well.  To say that I’ve never felt more sinful and full of my flesh is an understatement!  I have to ask Him hourly (if not MINUTE by minute!) how I can better love my community

My pastor spoke on the love of God today (PHENOMENAL sermon HERE).  And one of the things he reminded us was that community starts with love.  Loving people is something Jesus was so incredibly good at…He would say ONE word or thought and it would transform someone’s life.  He knew WHEN to say something good or hard.  He knew HOW to say something good or hard that might hurt for a moment, but would save that person for a LIFEtime.

SO today I am praying for a deeper heart of love for my community…and a tongue that “says the words of the Father” like Jesus prayed in John 8.  

Is it hard for you to love and live well in community too?  Can I pray something specifically for you?  What has helped you navigate hard relationships that God has called you to?  I love our blog friends…y’all have such wisdom, I always learn so much from you!

Praying even now that He might enlighten YOUR heart to the HOPE of His calling..you are loved and treasured friend!