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Creative New Adventures, Part 1

Shannon | Dec 17, 2019

A month ago, my dear friend took me on an adventure of creating something new. She’s an artist and does well to keep up with different art mediums. Once she gets a solid grip on a new skill, she is quick to introduce me. To say I’m grateful is an understatement. I’m more skilled at taking photos, making graphics, and now using alcohol ink because of her!

Alcohol ink is highly pigmented ink that when diluted with isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol) flows steadily across a special type of paper called Yupo. Once the ink comes in contact with the alcohol, it undergoes a transformation. It becomes more fluid, and its darker pigmentation becomes less vibrant and more translucent. It ebbs and flows as more alcohol is added to the paper. 

The outcome is always beautiful even if many mistakes are made along the way. If you’re patient with the process, and add a little more alcohol from time to time, new shapes and color blends will emerge. Letting time pass allows the ink to settle and find its permanent position. 

Alcohol ink was a struggle for me at first try, but with time (and my friend’s guidance) I was able to craft these beauties below. To the left, you will see a piece of art that I had difficulty perfecting. I started off with too much ink, which resulted in color blends not worthy of framing. Now, one may consider it the world’s greatest glow up, a tragedy turned triumph! 

On the right, you will see my abstract version of “Royalty” in art form. I could have added a few more layers, but I learned from my previous attempt that simplicity is key. Less is sometimes more in crafting something beautiful. “Time and patience,” my friend said, “You need to let the ink find its place, then go from there.” Her words of wisdom and artistic skill guided me as she shared her love of art with me. 

Time and patience. It is required to break barriers, to develop, and to fulfill our God-given purposes. Our Lord has made everything beautiful in its time (Eccles. 3:11) and that includes YOU and everything you set out to do. Go forth sister, and let your beauty soar! My friend sure does, and because of her, I am more confident to do the same.