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Deeper Still

Jun 02, 2011

feel a bit emotional today. One week from today, I and a few of my
ministry partners will embark on our final Deeper Still Event. Oh sure,
it might sound like just “another women’s conference,” but in our hearts
and souls it is so far from anything usual or run-of-the-mill.
(Incidentally, no divinely ordained women’s event ever is!)

The Deeper Still Event has been a part of my life for five years now.
Over its course, myself along with Beth Moore, Kay Arthur and Travis
Cottrell have been in numerous cities and have ministered together to
over 100,000 women through this event. I am eternally grateful for the
great privilege it has been to serve as the “young’un” of the bunch at
this spectacular and unique women’s ministry conference. You can not
imagine how edifying it has been to serve alongside two of the world’s
most gifted and articulate communicators of God’s Word and to learn,
from the women’s events team at LifeWay, how to organize an event with
technical excellence and spiritual priorities.

I’m so grateful to have spent these years with these people and I’m
excited about our time next weekend in Kentucky, but a bit saddened that
it will be our last. We’re all great friends so I know we’ll keep in
touch (Miss Beth and I always find a reason to shop and eat together)
and will continue to do ministry together in different capacities as
time goes on, but the dynamics we’ve shared at this event will not be the
same again.

And so, I thought I share a collage of memories with you from our past
events and invite you to come to Kentucky. We’ll be gathering in an
arena there called. . . .you won’t believe this. . . wait for it . . .
.FREEDOM HALL! You heard me right! Freedom Hall! God must have surely
had that in mind when this building was constructed and named. Little
did its architects know that a bunch of women who have experienced the
grand freedom that only God can give would be invading that place in
June 2011!

Indeed, it will be a wonderful time together in worship and in God’s
Word and I’d love to see you there. More importantly than that, where
else, and WHEN else, could you sit under the teaching Miss Beth and Miss
Kay at the same time! It just doesn’t get any better than that. 🙂

Going Deeper Still,


Priscilla ShirerDeeper Still

Deeper Still Birmingham

Rockin' with Priscilla, Miss Beth and Miss Kay