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Sep 19, 2010


Three English Flagships Becalmed, by Peter Monamy 1728

According to Wikipedia, The Doldrums, also called the “equatorial calms”, are found in a zone around the equator. The region’s light, shifting, and sometimes completely
absent winds—are notorious for trapping sailing ships for days (or even
weeks) without enough wind to power their sails.

Colloquially, to be in the doldrums, said especially of a person, is to be listless, despondent, inactive, stagnant, in a slump.

Have you ever found yourself in the spiritual doldrums? You know, when there just seems to be no wind in your sails to move you forward in the Lord? You feel like you are in a stagnant slump. Blech.

Yep, been there too.

There are several things you can do when you’re stuck spiritually, here are a three:

1. Do a little self-examination: Ask, Am I spending time in the Word? Am I praying regularly? How do I spend my leisure time? What kinds of things am I letting into my life – movies, media etc.

2. Find someone to serve. Nothing gets your eyes off of yourself like helping someone else in need.

3. Get with other believers. How many times have I come away from a conversation with a Christian friend reenrgized in my faith!

2 Timothy 1:6 says “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands….” Other translations say, “stir up the gift.”

How do YOU fight off the doldrums and fan your spirit into flame? Share your thoughts!