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Entertaining on a Dime – Frugal Friday

Priscilla | Dec 31, 2009


One of the highlights of my life is traveling to different churches, conferences and women’s gatherings. Meeting so many different sisters from different walks of life and denominations is priceless. And yet, I must admit, there are a few downsides to such a life. One of those is that I always miss my friends’ parties and gatherings at home here in Texas. Inevitably, the date they choose for their shower, birthday dinner or holiday get together is right smack dab in the middle of a weekend – the exact time of all the services, conferences and retreats that I’m honored to be at. So, I’m always sending my regrets to those delightful invitations that come in my snail mailbox or land in my email.

I’m a bit sad about it.

In fact, just last month, one of my sweet girlfriends was having a huge 40th birthday bash and I couldn’t wait to attend. She’d called me in September to make sure I’d be in town. I checked the December Friday evening date, double checked it with Jerry and assured her that I could be there. We had a conference in Memphis that weekend but we didn’t have to leave until Saturday morning.. . .or so we thought.

Two days before the party, Jerry gave me that expression that let me know our travel plans had gone haywire. The available flights on Saturday wouldn’t get us to Tennessee on time for my part of the program. We had to leave on Friday night.

My jaw dropped.

Urghhh. The perils of travel.

So what does all this have to do with Frugal Friday? Well, it’s New Years Day. There are parties happening all over the world right now. Everyone has her own way of celebrating. Today, banquet halls are being rented, vast white tents are being erected, decadent meals are being catered and lavish décor is being hoisted. A couple times over the years, I’ve attended an extravagant affair like this. They made my eyes widen with wonder, but today I’ll see none of that.

On New Year’s day, my extended family gather to my maternal grandparents home. Every year since I was a little-bitty thing, we’ve piled in that cozy and nostalgic house with dozens of other family members. We each bring a dish, sit, shoot the breeze, eat a potluck and make memories. That’s the way we do it. Nothing spectacular about it. It’s simple, unimpressive, inexpensive . . . and perfect.

It’s a party I just won’t miss.

No way, No how!

There’ ain’t no place in the world like Grandma’s house on New Year’s day.So, how do you entertain on a dime? Do you have some tricks of the trade that have made entertaining cost effective for you? Share them with us. We want to know how we can host a party and still have some money left to pay the bills (and maybe sneak a manicure or two).

Can’t wait to get your tips. I’m going to use them on my first weekend home. Since I can’t make anyone else’s party, I might as well throw my own. (And yes, you certainly are invited!)

Live Frugally- Live Well

PS. . .Guess you’d like to know that this week’s winner will get a copy of Dave’ Ramsey’s a Total Money Makeover AND the Financial Peace Coupon Companion. We’ll be putting the names of everyone who leaves a tip in a container of some sort – probably the bed of my son’s Tonka truck – and drawing a winner sometime this evening.