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The Extra Mile

Rachel Anne | May 19, 2010


I love how when God is speaking something to your heart, He makes sure you don’t miss it. Your pastor will preach a message on a verse that had stopped you in your tracks during your personal study the day before. Someone will remark about a truth they are learning . . . and it’s exactly what you needed to hear that day. Or you get into your car and the radio is turned to a station that is airing a message taped by some preacher 10 years ago that is perfectly in line with God’s word to you for today.

Late last night, I got into my car after a meeting, and turned the engine on. Immediately, a familiar preacher’s voice came on the air, talking about “going the extra mile,” from Jesus’ sermon on the mount. Now, this particular man has passed on to the gates of glory at least five years ago . . . so his message was not a new one.  But it was one that spoke to my heart . . . it had been popping up everywhere! Even Michelle Hammond McKinney’s comment about “waiting is serving” in yesterday’s blog post drove God’s point home.

Ouch, that second mile.

See, I often find myself going the extra mile for my clients, customers, friends, family, church people . . . it’s easy to serve most of the people that come into my path. But, I’ll raise my hand and admit that there are some people in my life who are not as “easy” to walk that second mile for. Perhaps I think they are ungrateful, or selfish, or simply not worth my time to go above and beyond the minimal response. Or maybe the scorecard in my head tells me that the ledger is waaaay heavier on my end than theirs – they haven’t nearly done enough for me in return.

I guess I’m guilty of doing the minimum requirements of serving, rather than looking for ways to exceed what is being asked of me. So I’m taking a look at my heart today, and asking for the grace to give more than I receive, to love deeper than I expect in return, and to be willing to walk the extra mile as unto Him – with no thought of reward. I want to do it simply out of obedience and love for the One I ultimately serve.

Will you walk the extra mile today, too? What will that look like in your life?