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Fall Football

Sep 09, 2012

Saturday was a full, fabulous day for the Shirer’s. We woke up to find that the 100 plus temperatures that had been ravaging our city for many weeks had subsided overnight. Apparently, the Lord heard our prayers and harkened to our cries for deliverance from the unapologetic, browbeating heat that has been baking our skin to a golden crisp every day of this summer.

The morning was cool and airy; the light breeze sweet and refreshing . . . . . just in time for

Yes. . it is that time of year again. The football frenzy has begun all over the nation but, for me, this season will feel different than any other has. It’s one thing to watch other people’s sons play the game but it’s another entirely to see your own get knocked down by some menacing heartless hooligan or get piled up on by a crew of savage adolescents who obviously have no home training and will no doubt end up being non-functioning members of society.I’m sure of it.Saturday, my boys donned their pads for the first time on the field of play. They proudly hustled out onto the green, helmets secure and mouthpieces in place, with their chests poking out – inflated by that football arrogance that seems to hit all of the male species during the fall. It was cute. . .and sweet. . .. . .and unnerving.It was only the restraining power of the Holy Ghost that kept me in my seat instead of hurdling the fence line to grab some rowdy youngster by his face mask to drag him off of my little sweetie pies. Good thing I didn’t know which parents belonged to which kids or I would have grabbed them by their faces in their children’s stead. Since they wouldn’t have masks for my hands to clench I’d just have to grab hold of whatever body part my fist came into contact with first.It’s their fault. They should have trained their kids better.No doubt law suits and restraining orders would have been issued.. . . . .but I don’t want my children to have to visit me in jail.So. . I kept my seat. And my husband is so glad that I did.Fall football is not going to get the best of me. I’m praying to that end.I think I need you to pray for me too.Priscilla