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Jerry | Jan 06, 2010

Hey, It’s me. Jerry Shirer; the other half of the Shirer team.

Last week a friend told me that he’d been on Priscilla’s blog, reading through one of the motherhood discussions. He’d typed up a couple paragraphs to join in and then deleted it when it occurred to him that he’d be the only guy who left a comment.

So I decided that it was high time for some men to get in on this parenting discussion.

So I’ll start.

Parenting is the hardest thing I have done in my life.  I don’t quite know what I thought it’d be like, but somehow I hadn’t calculated all the hands-on, sweat inducing work that it’s brought my way. My mother reared three children singlehandedly and I am in awe of her; especially since she had to deal with the likes of me.  I was a handful and now I’m getting paid back exponentially for every whiney tantrum.

While I am so grateful to have a partner in this journey of parenting,  I have the privilege of spending many hours with my boys. And I’m glad to, since God has given me three boys. Many Fathers spend much of their day at the office while their wives are the primary care giver for the children, but Priscilla and I have a unique situation. We both work together at Going Beyond Ministries and our office is our home –  so I spend just as many hours with our boys as Priscilla does.

We both juggle the hurried morning routine of breakfast, making lunches, giving baths, changing diapers and getting everyone to school. While the boys are away, Priscilla studies and writes, and I oversee the happening of our entire ministry. At 2pm, the ministry hat comes off and the Daddy hat is put on.

This is when my real job begins.

It’s the real work that mommas everywhere have been doing for decades. It’s exhausting, emotional, overwhelming and unbelievable satisfying in so many way. Many days I want to call in sick but I’ve found that doesn’t seem to work around here.

I used to work in corporate America. I spent 70 hours or more a week managing a ton of people and their problems and came home exhausted. I’ve gotta tell you, while that was tiring, it is nothing like the 24 hour a day challenge of parenting. The involvement I have with my children is far more challenging than any corporate American gig ever was . . . where your job ends when you get home.

Taking care of your kids never stops. There’s always something to do.

So today, I’m celebrating fathers – the ones who are not just a figure head in their home but are in the trenches doing it with their wives.

Sisters, celebrate with me!

Brothers, chime in and tell me the joy and struggles you are facing.

We’ll talk soon,
Dad of the 3 J’s