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Feeling Christmas-y

Dec 19, 2010

I just feel festive today! I’m getting totally sucked in to all things “Christmas” now that the hi-lighted week of December is upon us (Can you believe it?). My enthusiasm has manifested itself in my children. I just seemed to “throw-up” Christmas this weekend – leaving their rooms, their story times and yes. . .their clothes dripping with Christmassy-ness (is that a word?)I woke up for church yesterday morning and just felt like “red” was an appropriate color for the day. So, we all scooted out the door for Sunday service with some sliver of red upon each of us. Little did I know that every other person in my ever-multiplying family seemed to have the same idea for their families as well. So, there we were, all of us and the 13 children between us, dripping with red – looking like the merriest (and weirdest) family Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship will see this season. 

I wish that I’d had the nerve to run up front to turn and face the four rows that my extended family consumes so that I could get a picture, but for some reason, doing so in the middle of communion service – in between the eating of the bread and the drinking of the “wine” – didn’t seem appropriate. So, I just sat in the sea of red-ness, savored our festiveness and tried not to wince at the thousands of eyes bearing down on us from other congregants, who I’m certain were thinking that there must have been some “red” memo they’d gotten left out on. Or. . . more probably. . they were just thinking “Will someone please give that family a memo that all that drama isn’t necessary?”O well. . .at least I got a couple good pictures of Jude and his cousin, Kelsey, out of it.

Mama’s happy.



Jude and Kelsey