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Filming, Day 3

Nov 03, 2010

We awoke to rain and a cold wind this morning – not what we’d hoped would happen for an outdoor shoot. The Lifeway crew, here from way up north in Nashville, hadn’t really come prepared for wintery temperatures, so a quick trip to Walmart for sweatshirts and hats was in order. Fortunately, the morning shoot was indoors, and as the afternoon came upon us, the sun chased most of the clouds away – just in time for the evening roof-top filming session.

Chilly, but what a view!

Priscilla and Dallas Skyline


As night fell, the film shots got even cooler…a perfect backdrop to the message Priscilla is sharing. Woot!

Priscilla and Dallas lights

Girly Sidenote: I’m totally loving Priscilla’s outfits. The leggings, top, boots and jacket? C’mon now, THAT’S CUTE!

Ever wonder who is responsible for getting the ensembles together for Priscilla? The very talented Avis LaFrance, of LaFrance Image Consulting. Avis is a personal friend of Priscilla’s, and she is great at taking things that are already in a person’s closet and adding in new pieces to make it all work. I’m astounded every time I see what she puts together – hip but not too trendy, classic but not stuffy. Avis is an artist – able to see a vision for how the right clothing can help you present yourself tastefully and confidently. She is so fun to work with – and ya’ll will get to see her talent again on this upcoming DVD series.

Say, do you have a fashion question for Avis? I’ll bet she would be willing to give us a few tips as we head into fall and winter….


Rachel Anne