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Fit or NOT Fit

Nov 28, 2011

Most people wait until after the holiday season to tone up and melt down. BUT, here at Going Beyond we move ahead of the curve….or are doomed to failure! Ha!


Here is a picture of Annetta and I before our run around the neighborhood.


Annnnddddddddd, this is after we finished running…..No judgements please.

 Seriously, we had NO idea that we were so out of shape!


As you can see, there are two people missing from this photo…..Priscilla and Linnae. We purposefully went running without them because they are made of steel and Annetta and I could not stand the embarassment….

So anyway, we hope that this post made you laugh hysterically and encouraged you to consider your New Year’s resolution…..before the New Year!

Until next time,