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Flip Flop Talk

Jul 11, 2011


flip flops

After such a convicting post yesterday, I hate to bring up a trivial subject. But my feet are hurting so I feel compelled.

Sisters, my flips have flopped. My flip flops failed. Those rubber soled sandals that are so easy to slip in and out of are KILLING ME.

I love my flip flops – the cute ones with the blingy, sparkly straps. (Sshhhh…..I’ve worn them to church a couple times). In the wintertime I dream of the days that I can kick off my heavy shoes and slide into my strappy things. I love the sound of the slapping against my heels.

But I believe my flip flop days are over before summer has even ended. Everytime I wear them for any length of time, my feet and legs get sooo tired and my toes start wishing there was nothing in between them. Ouch! My arches.

So question: Are flip flops really bad for your feet? I’ve heard they are, but this is really the first year that they have bothered me. It makes me wonder if it is my expensive brand (Tar-jhay) or if I’ve just over-worn them.

Give me your flip flop thoughts. Good idea or not? Is there a brand that is “good” for your feet? And most importantly, are they acceptable for church if they have sparkles on them??

Discuss, please!