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Food, Glorious Food!

Feb 17, 2011

Well . . .as
you all are very well aware, I have an addiction. . . . .to food. I love
a good meal just about more than anything in the whole wide world and I
had one of those yesterday.

Our GB team had a lunch meeting yesterday. We met at a restaurant called
“Tillmans’ Roadhouse” in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. I’ve been
to this place before but it was years ago so I was only vaguely familiar
with it. Our table was adorned with splendid salads, fried pickles, an
assortment of sweet potato french fries, grilled sandwiches, fruit, and
sweetened, flavored teas. It was delicious.

But what really captured all of our attention was the dessert. Take a look:

Tillman's Roadhouse dessert